Alberta AGM Update

AGM 2009.01.19 Calgary, Alberta
International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.
Alberta Chapter.

The following is a summary of our AGM held on Jan 19, 2009 in Calgary, Alberta.
**I’m glad to report that we had a very successful meeting with the election of a new executive for the coming year. I would like to congratulate and wish you every success in the coming year. The new slate of officers can be reviewed at **](
**Presentations **
An update on the current status of the Alberta Government’s Advisory Committee review of Home Inspection business regulation was presented.

**How to recognize and report on the aftermath on buildings that have been used as grow-ops. All members present now have access to a central registry of buildings that have been used for the production of illegal substances **

The new fire code requirements for upgrading existing Secondary Suites in Single family homes.

An update on the latest Flir IR cameras and reporting software.

**A presentation by the spokes persons for a new Home Inspectors Association, **CaNACHI.
**To clear up any misconceptions Canachi is totally and completely independent and separate from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. **
**On behalf of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors of Canada and the United States of America I wish them every success in the development of a successful association in Canada. **
**I also want to make it clear there are absolutely no ties, connections or endorsements by InterNACHI/iNACHI/International Association of Certified Home Inspectors in Canada, United States of America or any NACHI organizations around the world including the Alberta Chapter. **

The above Statement has been reviewed and approved by:
Alberta Chapter Executive.
Nick Growmicko Founder and CEO of InterNACHI / iNACHI / International Association of Certified Home Inspectors



You say that CanNachi has absolutely no ties to NACHI, can you please post a link to the CanNACHI SOP?

I don’t think this reads quite right Mario but, I don’t think Vern means to distance one from the other in a bad way. I got this in my email today as a new director for the Alberta chapter and was a bit confused too. CanNACHI is related but is legally a separate entity as far as I know and this was probably the point. Am I right Vern?

What I’m saying is this is a new organization that is not connected to InterNACHI.
No connection whatsoever. None None. The Alberta Chapter is connected to NACHI and will always be a part of NACHI.

(Response any statements)
Yes CanNACHI is a Independent Asoociation from all others and does not have ties to or support/endorse any other home inspector association in Canada or abroad
We CanNACHI are a legal registerd non/profit association for home inspectors across Canada.
We are also a voting association run with directors who represent home inspectors across Canada and provide that their voices be heard.
CanNACHI has/is developing its association as per Occupational Standards for home inspectors set forth in Canada.
We will welcome all Canadian home inspectors who wish to benifit from our association in their education/support and all the member benifits we will provide them when CanNACHI is launched this spring.

My understandng of the process was that NACHI is the parent Assocaton and that payng into CanNachi still gives us access to INACHI benefits and MB as well. CanNAchi is independant as a Canadian non-profit association for Canadian Inspectors to have a choice for better education and Canadian content. We would still fall under the INACHI umbrella would we not?

They are setting up an association for home inspectors. The relation between us and them is the same as us and ASHI, CAPHI and all the other Home inspector associations.

I too am confused ( not an unatural state) I was lead to believe that **EVERY **Canadian member would automatically be switched to CANACHI and our membership fees diverted to the Canadian association.

Can we have some official statement on this situation? Allen? Nick?

If any of our members wish to join their Assoc. they are free to do so. To retain your membership in either Assoc you will have to pay dues to the one you want to belong to, either one or both. Paying dues to only one will provide membership to only the one you paid.
As for myself I am completely happy and satisfied to remain an InterNACHI member. I will not join any other Home Inspection Association. There is no need unless you feel that they have something to offer. InterNACHI provide more then I could ever need or want.
Membership in any other Association does not have any effect on your membership in InterNACHI or our Alberta Chapter. Our members will remain our members so long as they want to and remain qualified and live up to our standards. We run a fully democratic chapter free to govern ourselves as we see fit. I will never give that right up.
Any Alberta resident that joins InterNACHI is automatically a member of the Alberta Chapter. Membership in the Alberta Chapter is open to any InterNACHI member from any other province or state if they ask for it.
Membership in Canachi does not give you membership in InterNACHI and membership in our Alberta Chapter does not have anything to do with CaNACHI.

**However, if you as an inspector join CanNACHI and you are not yet a member of InterNACHI, InterNACHI will offer that inspector their first year at InterNACHI for free. Existing InterNACHI members that choose to join the CanNACHI association will not receive a year of free InterNACHI membership and if an inspector joins CanNACHI and that does not mean they joined **
**InterNACHI. **
that is the agreement/offer we have with InterNACHI

Thank you for that clarification. I understood that all Canadian INACHI members would automatically become members of CANACHI and remain members of INTERNACHI. So, our INACHI membership fees will not be diverted to CANACHI.

As with myself I also will be and stay as a proud member of InterNACHI but will be a proud member of CanNACHI for it being a legal Canadian non-profit organization that I can say its a 100% Canadian assocoiation when asked by realtors/relocation companies etc.

Allen, will you be taking steps to have the Royal Lepage Relocation Service recognize CANACHI so that Canadian inspectors can use the organization to qualify as an inspector for military transfers?

You Bet!!!
Including but not limited to all Real Estate associations in Canada as well as CMHC and every other qualified party that has anything to do with Real Estate or Home Inspectors as such
Final Note:
As CanNACHI is in its process of developement we wont be disclosing any more detailed answers or clarifications as we don"t want to confuse people. When CanNACHI"s launching date approaches only then we will post tentative dates/functions/benifits etc. and more needed information.

Now I’m more confused than ever (BTW it doesn’t take much for me to get confused) about CanNACHI and NACHI.

Allen, Can you please state for the record which SOP CanNACHI will be using? Additionally,we were told that all Canadian NACHI members would automatically be members of CanNACHI. Has the board of directors now changed this Canadian vision? Do we now have to pay dues to be members of CanNACHI?
Keep us informed.

You might recall something like this a while ago (Before your time Mario) Robert Brown was doing something like this but it never took off.

We shall wait and see what transpires.:slight_smile:


Hi Doug,

I believe the boys at CanNACHI are very intelligent, energetic, positive and enthusiastic about getting CanNACHI off to a good start. I wish them every success as we all do.
I just feel that they are making a huge mistake when they try to distance themselves from NACHI.

Mario Perhaps you can clarify this announcement or statement from Nick as it relates to CanNachi?

Doug, you have mail. It’s the ‘rest of the story’.

George, I understand CanNachi is having some troubles starting up due to infighting and demands from south of the 49th parallel. Its very apparent by the thread that Nachi has not come through with the promises and has left Allen holding the bag. This should come as no surprise given the previous attempts by past members of Nachi to get a Canadian version running. Maybe its failing because CanNachi is not extorting kick backs from vendors, after all if thats the case, Nick won’t be getting a cut?