All my toilets clog up!

Hello, for a VERY long time, all 3 of my toilets are clogging in concession. Once one clogs, I know that the other 2 are not far behind. This happens several times a month (sometimes all 3 clog a week). One toilet was replaced during a renovation, 3 flushes in and it too clogged. We have checked our vents & there are no obstructions & can hear the toilets when they flush.

Now I am being told to hire a company for $300.00 per toilet to run a camera down each to check for an obstruction.

Any other ideas? To me, this sounds like more than an obstruction.

Going off to plunge a toilet, yet again.


If it is three different toilets, I wouldn’t have them all video scanned. The problem is common to all three toilets, like the main. Do you have large trees near the main line? Are all of the toilets on the ground floor or basement? Does this happen after a lot of rain? It could be a problem with your main or something beyond causing things to back up. If you’re going to have a video scan, have them do the main or another part of the system that is common to all three toilets, it’s doubtful the problems are all in the individual toilet lines.

Self diagnosis no way , some times it pays to hire an expert.
It could be tree roots . You need a plumber to find out the cause and cure.
Roy Cooke Sr …

Try this first…

You did not say if you are on septic or the city sewer line. If septic, you may need to have it pumped and inspected. Also, I would have someone run an auger through the main line before I spent big bucks on video.

Thank you all for your replies. We are on city sewer. There are no trees near the sewer line. It goes under an alley & out to the street.

As far as DIY diagnostics. I tend to agree with you since my house was already a DIY house when I bought it. Though getting plumbers to come out or even return my call is another thing.

Already gotten some good advise. One thing that is obvious is that all three toilets clog routinely. That suggests an obstruction or possibly a build up inside the building drain (also called the main) Do you experience any other indications such as the water backs up into a kitchen sink when the dishwasher discharges, or when a washing machine discharges or empties. Over time, grease, oils, animal fats and other forms of grease will build up along the interior walls of a building main (essentially like what they say happens to a persons arteries) and constricts the flow of waste water and other solids along the entire length of pipe. This can easily be removed by a plumber with an auger and cutting blades to clear out all of the build up. I had it done and the cost runs about $85-100 and takes a little over an hour. If you have never had the main cleaning this could be a simple solution. Look for those other indication before you pay $900 to find out the same thing.

Hi To all,

I agree with the other comments especially Dougs, older properties typically have cast Irion drains which tend to rust up from the inside. This rust scale is very coarse and tends to grab on to toilet tissue and other fiberous solids (sanitary towels are the worst) and this starts a restriction that will start a blockage.

Doug’s comment about having a plumber out with a powered auger is the best answer as this will de-scale the inside of the pipes.



Fill a 5 gallon bucket and pour the water directly into the bowl, see how the bowl takes the water, it makes no sense that this is limited to the toilets only. Universal Rundle had ra run of bad toilets as well as American Standard (now made in Mexico). Toilets can go bad. The orfices around the inside if the bowl plug up and don’t allow the water to enter the bowl evenly which stops the circular motion. Are you sure you don’t have a nest in the VTR. Is there a back water valve on th esewer main as it leaves the building. Sometimes the newer 1.5 can’t work the older cast iron flaps. the are use to the older 5 gal flushes.

Good point Daniel, if that does not work than get the plumber.