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Hope it is useful to others‘what%20size%20should%20the%20stair%20tread%20be%3F’

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Opinion with regard to this installatuion of a winder in the stairway?

Any opinion on this winder installation?

All right, Joe H. , give the guy a break, we all know the requirement on the tread width within the 12" pivot point. ha. ha. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Is the minimum inside width of 6 inches applicable to this installation? Should there be 3 stringers?

Nice referance Barry. But I still don’t know if stairs go up or down ?:grin:

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It’s short Joe, if I’m looking at the picture correctly, what is there an inch or so?

The whole area looks a little cobbed in, what is it leading to a basement?

Notice that the stair depth noted above is different from the depth noted here:

Better make sure what code is in effect in your area!!!

Have you guys ever seen a spiral stair case built in a closet??
I don’t have a picture but the stairs threads wide must have been 12 inches…
Super tight bends and no possible room for a “sizeable” person…:shock:

I wish I had a picture… Must be more room on a submarine escape ladder then this setup.

An old 2 flat apartment building, 1 st floor closet “converted” to a staircase to 2nd floor…Incredible… done on the sly…