almost had an accident today

How many times has this happened to you. The overflow was not working and I almost missed it.

9034 SW 206 ST Cutler Bay (Garcia) 032.jpg

Once is enough:p :stuck_out_tongue:

Go play Lotto!!

Good catch:D

Caught mine before it got that full

I always (and only) test the overflow on new construction. Haven’t overflowed a tub yet but have found several that are not connected and drip out below or don’t drain at all.

Builder screams when they drip out below, but hey, when is the best time to find it. When the house is vacant? When the buyer’s $5,000 TV is setting under the leak area?

Same here. I also don’t walk away from the tub while it’s filling. :shock:

Ok, is an overflow required to keep up with the water supply?

In other words, if working propelry then the tub shold never overflow?


That is correct

It’s best to test the sink overflow only if it has one.
Some do not.
Be careful!
The purchaser told me that her last inspector let the en-suite sink fill while he
went to the main bath to check on the G.F.C.I.
He came back to a manmade waterfall. $6,500. repair.
He had 2 unhappy people to deal with over that incident.