aluminum branch wiring

Inspected a HUD home which has been purchased by the City and resold to qualifying single Mom. Found numerous shoddy workmanship on “rehabbed” home but my main concern is with the aluminum branch circuit wiring. I wrote this up as a concern and recommended copalum crimp connectors at outlets, switchs and junctions. City refuses to pay electrician for upgrade citing:

  1. Not necessary for insurability.
  2. Not required to be upgraded per NEC.

Is this correct? I do not have access to NEC but I intend to get it.

Any thoughts on how I can help this lady? Thanks

There is no NEC requirement that the system be “upgraded,” and insurability seems to differ from state to state.

You made everyone aware of the condition, so you’re work is done. It’s not up to you to push to have this addressed by the city/seller.

Thanks. I’m certainly not a sparky but if the NEC does not address alum branch wiring, why does every HI assoc recommend upgrading for safety or even citing alum wiring as a safety concern?

There are a host of problems associated with AL branch-circuit wiring. Do a search on this forum and you’ll find plenty of information.

William, a couple of thoughts

  1. You did your job and have called it out and documented it in your report with recommendations. At a min I would recommend it be evaluated by a Licensed Electrican.
  2. How much “rehab” did they do to the home you may want to check and see what modification require upgrading and when according to your local regulations. They may have done work that required bring it up to current standards or at least part of it.
  3. Get their response in writing, If they say you don’t need it then they should beable to write it down in a letter/memo/email or something you can put in your file.

You did your job. But you could forward her a copy of the 2011 CPSC Publication 516 on the issue, and she could write a letter to the city about her concerns with a copy of that attached.

Hope that helps … :wink: