Aluminum Wiring: Please proof this new inspection article.

Under your “Options for Corrections” you had better make a reference to the appropriate electrical code for the area where the correction is being made for not all of your solutions are universally acceptable.

Hi Nick, here’s my thoughts (in red)

Nick you need to stress this only affects single strand aluminum conductors not multi-stranded



I would not add any AMP numbers to the article myself. I often see single strand AL wiring in larger sizes serving AC units/water heaters/ etc.

I also believe there are more repair connectors available today. :smiley:

Have AFCI’s become an accepted method of adding protection?

More and more I am seeing that the major insurers, especially here in Florida, will refuse to write a homeowner’s policy on a home with aluminum branch circuit cabling. The polices can usually be written on the secondary market but owner/ buyer should be informed that anything other than total replacement of the cabling is generally considered a “quick fix” and will still lead to high and sometimes exorbitant insurance rates. Would you want to include a paragraph in your article regarding insurability?

I don’t know of any insurance companies in Florida that will keep a policy in force once they found out the home has aluminum branch circuits. Most of the electricians I know won’t use the crimps. They also will deny a claim if it is a fire and the home has aluminum branch circuits. They say that makes the problem worse then it originally was.


There are tens of thousands of insurance policies in effect. Yes, this is with single-strand aluminum wiring.

Maybe things are different in Florida…

Thank you Gerry, I made most of those corrections. The article has been updated with some information I got from a company that specializes in aluminum wire repair, as well as the CPSC. I’ll try to find the answers to the other issues. I sent the article off to a specialist to look at, we’ll see what he has to say.

Thank you Nick, I add live links to articles in my HI reports, which benefit my Client with greater knowledge than I can give them in a short time, and make me look good. Keep up the good work. A request, Looking for a good GFCI article.

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The CPSC now approves the alumiconn connector as one of the three methods for repairing aluminum wiring. See

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