Aluminum Wiring

Just did a house built in 1957. All looked pretty good, but found this one circuit inside the panel, it looks like AL wiring - on the breaker labelled “RANGE”.
I was told this was original wiring, but original owner is deceased, and grandkids are executors.
The wiring looks good, with no signs of problem.
Was AL wiring used in 1957? And this is obviously not solid AL wiring, but would you report it as “aluminum branch wiring”?


Most, or at least many, range circuits are stranded aluminum----it’s solid conductor aluminum you want to watch for
On second look----this looks more like tinned copper----especially given the age of the home

That was my thought - tinned copper. But I couldn’t get the right angle or a good look. It’s dull-colored, and I would think aluminum would be darker if it was that old.

Agreed, Thats tinned copper not aluminum.

Thanks guys - one of those times that I thought so, but it’s much better hearing others with the same opinion.