am I right

This propane water heater has the shutoff about seven feet away and above a furnace duct, I believe the shutoff should be nearer to the controls and in sight…am I right,need confirmation asap thanks

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I would report as being too far.(or at least report/document where it IS located)
I believe 6ft is max…per the c word.

…and check the rating on the copper line.

3 feet for the WH, 6 feet for a dryer

3/6 feet are for the connectors…code does call for valves to “immidiately” follow connectors…
7ft and out of sight, definately call it out…

…and I missed the “propane” part. Propane unlike ng does not contain sulfur.(not caustic/acidic)
therefore I’m not sure if sulfur rated copper line is an issue…

…well OK…Type L copper line for propane is required , same as ng.

Thanks guys appreciate the feedback