Amana AC Age help

Amana S# P1223304C. Anyone know how to determine age. The BLACKHORSE code doesn’t apply.

Also Amana Furnace S# - 001112581.



[size=4][FONT=Times New Roman]Amana: BLACKHORSE. B=1971 or 1981. (They’ve been bought out by Goodman)

**AMANA: **
[/FONT][/size][/FONT][FONT=AGaramond-Regular][size=4]Formerly a division of Raytheon, now[/size][/FONT]
[size=4][FONT=AGaramond-Regular]part of Goodman Manufacturing.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Goodman: First two digits of the serial number are the year. Second two are the month.[/FONT]

It seems the furnace is a 2000.

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I agree with Larry.