American Standard boiler

Model # G-29

Serial # 4B-J3

Can anyone help with the age? It looks like a 1960’s vintage probably original to the house but I’m curious.



I looked in my references and can’t find it. Gotta wait for RR to wake up.:slight_smile:

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The Beacon book shows this as a gas fired hot water unit, rated at 960 square feet of water per hour. It should have a footprint of 24-5/8 x 32-5/8" and have a 7" smoke pipe entering into a chimney at least 20 feet tall. The original manufacturer’s suggested cost was $761.00. It was manufactured in 1963.

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PS: I googled the Beacon book and didn’t find it…any help appreciated.

Yeah, there’s no extra charge for that. I provide basic extras for free, but if you want moisture intrusion extras or energy audit extras, you gotta pay. :wink:

From what I can see it looks like an exceptional install :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: probally early 60’s;-)

Ahhhh…Charley, the flue pipe has holes in it with duct tape over them but everything was spray painted a nice gray color…that’s probably why you missed it, but otherwise, yes, it seemed exceptional for its age. (…if we forget about the inch of rust below the burners, too.):stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Do you know what the Beacon Book is?

Not a clue.

I was just ragging you made me laugh for 10 minutes when you used that statement in another thread.

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…and thanks for the try on the Beacon Book.

It’s sorta like Preston’s or Dunlaps, but for boilers.

Beacon Boiler Reference Book, by Industry Publications, Inc., which is now owned by the Oil Heat Manufacturer’s Association. The book is available to members of the association. I don’t know if there are other ways to get it or not. It goes back into the 50’s.

Thanks, Marc. I googled it and found this reference of the book (scroll down to Beacon Boilers):

Looks like an old copy, but that ought to get you going.

Exactly…thanks for the correct name to look it up…very helpful.

Guys, you ought to bookmark this one. :smiley: