Another 27 Inspectors earned their CWS designations this weekend.

On Saturday, November 18th, I had the pleasure of joining Bob Smith and his Maine Chapter for a day of training. The Certified Well Sampler seminar was conducted, and I am pleased to announce another 27 inspectors have EARNED this designation.

Bob arranged a nice, comfortable venue for inspectors to learn in. We had inspectors representing a variety of HI associations, including NACHI (of course), ASHI, and the Maine Coalition of Home Inspection Professionals (MeCHIP).

We also happened to have the owner of a Maine State Certified water testing lab in attendance (and taking the class). He loved it, and stated that it was something that HIs should seriously consider attending. I asked him to chime in from time to time, which was a great asset to students in the class.

Certified Well Sampler is a good class, which offers valuable information and insight into the areas of wells, water quality, and testing. Its a must-have for those inspecting properties where wells are present. As to general water quality issues, and things that can affect water, it is also quite valuable.

Certified Well Sampler is coming to a city near you in the next few months. We actually had a NY inspector in Maine taking the course. Wow…

Look at the class schedules, and if you dont see one that includes your geographic area or timetable, e-mail me and we’ll try and set something up. The class runs a full day, so a Saturday or Sunday event is what works best.

Check it out at

Certified Well Sampler. Hope to see you there !

For those unable to attend a physical CWS course, it’s also available via Distance Learning (CD)

Great class Joe… certainly enjoyed it and learned a great deal!

Joe, when are we going to see the new CWS logo?

BTW: 27 is awesome for Maine.