Another income stream for InterNACHI members. InterNACHI & Owens Corning partner.

Owens Corning recently helped us develop a video course for members who want to participate. The video course should be released soon on

Thanks… I emailed Ben.

And Joe, I got them to pay members a very fair fee. I didn’t want to make the Citizens mistake nationally.

Email sent Thanks Nick

Ditto. Thanks Nick

Good job looking out for the members, Nick!

Me too, thanks.

Wow, can’t wait till its available for Ky inspectors. Sounds like another great skill set to add to the value of an InterNACHI inspector and produce another income stream.

How much?

It will vary depending upon distance and building height and other factors - About $100-$130 per inspection, which should take about 30 minutes.

We’ll be scheduling some live events and webinars in the next few days to provide details and answer everyone’s questions.

One hail storm & I get calls for months. In my area it’s happened the last 3 years now. I turn them down because I haven’t had time for partial inspections, but things will inevitably slow again and this could be good filler work.

Will this program benefit Canadian members?

emailed Ben, thanks guys.

Yes. Owens Corning is a global corporation. We will be piloting in the U.S. with intentions of expanding.

Owens Corning has contracted with us to host 4 roll out events in 4 different cities and then we’ll spread from there. Ben will also be discussing it in Florida next month at the 1st Coast Chapter meeting in Jacksonville:

Excellent! Thanks Ben please keep us posted. This sounds great!