Another inspection industry giant, Dan Bowers, becomes a CMI.

NACHI member Dan Bowers, who is credited with scoring the highest on NACHI’s CMI formula (for fun only), is our latest member to earn the Certified Master Inspector (CMI) designation.

Congrats Dan.


Is this available to Retired members who no longer do inspections and are not liscensed in their particular state. This could be a feather in their cap for other purposes?

John B.

Yes, if they apply before Dec 31, 2006, because the CMI requirements do not include being a practicing inspector.

-Completed 150 hours of inspection-related CE’s in career.
-Pass felony background check.
-Abide by the highest COE we could come up with.

After Jan 1, there are additional requirements being added and maybe even sooner.

I do like the proctored exam. That is a good addition. That isn’t going to be a requirement until Jan.1st is that correct?

I have someone who wants to sign up for this. I just need to know if they have to take that test first.

Wendy, Huh?

We couldn’t make 's site any clearer.

Grandfathering ends this year. Starting 2007, 40 of the 150 hours have to be advanced courses taken at an approved school. We might do this earlier than the end of the year.

The current requirements for obtaining the professional designation are at Changes without notice.

Well let me see.

I definitely have the 150 hours of inspection-related CE’s in my past career.

No problem with the felony background check. I can forward my Background Investigation conducted by the U.S. for a Top Secret CNWDI clearance in addition to the background check that the state of NY did before I contracted with them as an Expert Examiner and Consultant for the Home Inspection Industry this past year.

Don’t need to abide by the Code of Ethics too much seeing as how I retired from the Business.

I guess I would qualify.

I do like Scotch too. That automatically make me smarter. Like staying at the Holiday Inn. :smiley:

Let’s give it a whirl. What the hell. If it’s good enough for my dear friend Dan, it’s good enough for me.

Now why would you change the rules in the middle of the plan? I did not see any type of notification of such on the website or on the pdf application.