Any Good Mortar Siding Publications?

Looking for some in-depth technical publications on mortared siding, preferably websites or free online publications such as this one.

HardiPlank siding has an install guide. Just Google for it.

This’ll get you started…

Great guides! Any publications specific to mortar-based applications such as brick and stone? Stucco, too?

Type that in to Google and see what comes up, geeeeeeeZ.

Marcel :slight_smile:

The Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau prints the definitive stucco guide called the Stucco Resource Guide, but it is not free. It is complete with all code & ASTM references and it has a companion CD so that you can copy the text and drop it directly into your report. Don’t inspect stucco or lath without it.

Thanks a bunch David and Joe, great stuff!

Some things vary from one part of the country to others but for the northern half here are some guide lines that are good IMO

And for phase inspections!

And for after the fact info.

Love the stucco installation guide, Carl. The checklist should come in handy as well!