Any other reason for burner wont stay lit?

Model: GMP125-4

Problem: The burner won’t stay lit, only light for a 10 second, then gone.

I’ve already replaced flame sensor and control limit, the circuit board was replaced in last year.Any other suggestion?

thanks a million.

We are the guy’s that find problems, not the ones that repair them but this link should help:

Also this one:

A cracked heat exchanger or a bad vacuum switch if it is a newer furnace.

I think it has to do with the phase of the moon…

It’s a Goodman, so it must be paranormal…

Sorry! Not enough information to diagnose from here.

A furnace fart after all it has Gas. Just kidding
Best to call a Heating company to the check the unit. No One can answer that question long distance.

Some Goodman’s had control board problems. They might look good from the front but the back could be fried. Most of them were downdraft I believe.