Anyone know where I could sell my Radon-Eye Pro?

Hi All,
I purchased a RadonEye Pro which is a really great tool for a professional radon inspector. However I have never used it, since Radon is rare out here. At any rate, I decided to pull it from my list of services and offer it up for others who might be considering adding it to their ancillaries as it provides the report for you and makes it professional and easier than the charcoal canisters.
Unfortunately it is not an option to list on Amazon anymore, and so anyone have any ideas where I can put it up for inspectors to buy? I’m selling it at a good price $650, just need to find a buyer. Since it is New, it is ready to go, I’ll get a fresh calibration done before sending to the buyer. just need to find it a new home.

Any ideas are much appreciated.
Daniel Arnett


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A new inspector in your area? :man_shrugging: :crazy_face:

If you don’t get any bites here, I would go with eBay. Or you could post it on some Facebook inspector groups or in Facebook Marketplace. Craigslist could also be an option.

I would add the price to your initial post. If it is a good price someone from this forum might buy it.


This is what I use. my area is also somewhat known for being low as far as Radon, so it is not out a lot, but picking it up today and need to place it tomorrow.

You may want to try eBay or throwing out a price here. If I’m not mistaken they go for about $725.00 New (with a fresh calibration. I can vouge for it being an accurate and easy to use unit. If the price is right, I may even be interested.

How much are you asking for it?

That’s a good idea, I didn’t add it because I didn’t want anyone thinking it was an ad on the forum. But I’m looking for $650 with a fresh calibration. I’ll add it to the forum Thanks

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Hi Larry, Yes from the manufacturer it is a $800 system, that’s what I paid for it. It’s still new, just had a fresh calibration as well. Just looking for $650. Let me know if interested.

From the manufacturer it is a $800, It’s still new, just had a fresh calibration as well. Just looking for $650. Let me know if interested.