Anyone need help?

(Dominic Clegg) #1

I have been working home inspections out of new mexico and will soon move back home to San Diego, when I leave Military service. I am just looking to help someone out until I have time to hit the pavement and do some marketing out there. Thank you much

(Philippe G. Heller) #2


We are hiring in San Diego. t sounds like you want to do your own thing and run your own business, but if not give me a call.

(Marcel R. Cyr, CMI) #3

Wow! $88,000 a year?

I might go visist San Diego for that amount. :mrgreen::wink:

(Billy Boerner) #4

Me to Marcel :slight_smile:

(Paul Pendley) #5

Yea, Im thinking I gotta pack up and move south…WOW