Anyone will to take me on a ride along or two?

Passed the NHIE a month ago, Licensed and Insured in Oklahoma. Just finished Internachi CPI.

I’ve been on 5 inspections and also done the 4 required for my CPI but I am looking for some real world experience. I’m based in NW Oklahoma City but would be happy to travel for the right opportunity.

Yeah come on down I’m doing one Horseshoe Beach Florida Wednesday. However you buy the beer and cigars. Oh yes and the seafood.

John may, ok.

Sorry, couldn’t resist the name and state to go with the question. :smiley:

Charley Bottger may. About Us | Oklahoma Thermal Infrared Imaging

Don’t worry, he does home inspections too. Call him.

Thats a tad far, I was thinking more of 50 or 60 miles… But If I turn up with Okie 3.2 beer you can’t be mad.

Thanks I’ll reach out to him !

Charley is a great guy. Very experienced and very keen on sharing his knowledge.


My head is starting to swell and my Red hat won’t fit if you guys keep it up.

John I would be more than happy for you to ride along I am 30 miles N of Stillwater or 10 miles S of Ponca. I only allow ride along on vacant homes and we don’t have any booked at the moment. Give me a call at 580-268-3340 I am good till about 10;00 PM for phone calls

John I just booked a vacant house for tomorrow if you see this call me I don’t have a phone # for you

I have a vacant house to inspect Monday John If you want to hook up we can

You’re a good guy Charley! .:slight_smile:

Yes sir I would love to…

My number is 405 816 8150 you can call or txt me. I’ll check back here tomorrow or give you a call.