Anything wrong with this grounding connection?

Lead main piping connected to a copper section 8ft and then connected to Pex piping.


Here’s the NEC requirement for using a water pipe as a grounding electrode:

If the pipe in question has 10’ or more in contact with the earth then it must be used as a grounding electrode and the connection point of the grounding electrode conductor (GEC) must be within 5’ of where it enters the building. Unless there is something that cannot be seen from the photo’s it seems like the installation is code compliant.

Is that a Ground, or is it a Bond???

Its the ground. I traced it to the panel.

Wouldn’t there be a dialetric union between the lead and copper?
Shouldn’t the GEC hit the lead pipe?


If there is, then I agree with you. I haven’t seen a lead pipe is a long time. Is a dielectric union always used between the two different metal pipes?

To be honest I haven’t run into lead either and don’t know how it affects copper; however, galv to copper, yup.