Appliance age/serial-syntax cheat sheet


I am aware of where you can type in model & serial numbers for small appliances and it gives you a date of mfg. Great website, but it gets a little tedious.

Ive noticed, obviously, there are syntax’s to different companies’ serial numbers so you can quickly determine the age. I was wondering if anyone knows of a website or maybe a pdf somewhere that organizes these syntax’s, much like does for HVAC/Water Heaters? I might end up doing it myself, if not. It’s such a treat when all the appliances in the kitchen are of companies that I know the syntax to and I don’t have to transcribe a bunch of random letters.


Go for it! I am not aware of any that exist now.

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All helpful sites, but the OP was looking for a PDF and suggested he might make one.

looking for a website or PDF


Thank you! that first link you shared is very close to what i was hoping for. that may be the closest you can get to a comprehensive list of brands and codes, considering how many brands there are and how many different iterations of syntax’s there sometimes are over the years. Ill probably use that to make a cheat sheet for the brands I typically see in this area.

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If you share your cheat sheet I’m sure members will add to it. The hardest part is coming up with a format (layout) for the information.

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First Draft! This may only be marginally more efficient than using the collection of websites, but taking suggestions!

Note: If a syntax appears to be from before 1990 and different from the rest of the syntax’s, I didn’t include it, assuming that the date of manufacture becomes much less relevant after ~30 years

HVAC&Water Heater Age Cheat Sheet.odt (29.3 KB)

I might eventually pay a graphic artist on $25 or something to neatly put this info together in a high-res, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use PDF that I can keep handy on my phone. Let me know if there are any other common brands that should be included. I’m assuming some relatively common brands are regional?

I may add to this one to include Tankless Water Heater Gallon/Minute capacities for common models, since they aren’t listed on the label and TX requires I find that out.

Ill probably make a separate one eventually for Kitchen Appliances.