Appointment Scheduler

When will we see the appointment scheduler upgraded to have the cleints and realtors schedule their own inspections on Line?

Get ISN.:wink:

I don’t want them scheduling themselves.

I do!!!

We are in beta testing on the full integration with Google calendar. This is our current project. So changes to the appointment will update on the google calendar in minutes rather than hours.

Next is Call Center integration

Then is agent and buyers schedule the exact date and time (for those that want to do that).

Meanwhile we continue to improve the appointment manager with small features. We continually are getting multi inspector firms using it as well as the one man company. Our userbase is growing and all they pay is one monthly fee.

You’re also losing customers because of your inadequate scheduler and your inferiority to ISN…

…says a competitor of mine who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

…being a competitor also means I can name names.