Aprilaire fresh air intake question

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Hello group,

We are building a house here in Austin TX, we have the Carrier Infinity AC
and furnace...The builders ac guys have just about finished installing the
system except the condensor...The system has three intakes throughout the
house so we have a large Honeywell media filter..Connected on the intake
side of the plenum is about a six inch duct with a damper which is supposed
to house an AprilAire vent system. At the other end this pipe exits the
house under a gable, has a hood over it with a screen...There is no filter
installed....One other builder we were going to use was going to install the
same system and he told me the fresh air intake would have a MERV7 filter,
but these guys are installing only screen which is much larger than window
screen..I keep invisioning mosquitos, flies and god knows what else getting
sucked into the plenum from outside..Should it be normal to install
something there or would the media filter be expected to pick up the goodies
sucked in?

Thanks a million!