arsnic in water.

i was called to do a water quality test across town, the lab results came back with an arsenic level 3X higher than it should be (1.5=o.k. this house was 4.2). what they do about it is not my question, my question is, do we as home inspectors have an obligation to somehow inform the neighbors, or if called to inspect a house in said neighborhood, are we required to divulge the fact that we know this info?? probably a question of morals, but how 'bout it. i feel the need to inform them of the hazard, but don’t want to over step my bounds. oh and so you know the whole development is on town water. what about informing the town??

Notify the County Health Department of your findings.

Let them take over from there.

thanx Joe, i learned how to do the test, lab it, and report findings, but wasn’t to sure on this one. it’s a pretty high level and my concern is that the neighbors have NO idea they’re being poisoned every day, slowly.

Wow! I just scheduled an inpsection today for an out of towner (TX…what a suprise, texans gravitate here for some reason)…he is looking at this house in a neighborhood that I have heard the water has high levels of nitrates and arsenic in its community well. I do not know this for certain…but I have heard it.

Not my job to tell him? It is my job to tell him?

Since it is basically heresay…should I hint that he should have his water tested? Since it is heresay should I just forget it? I feel an obligation to help…should I squash that feeling?

How should I handle this?

Sorry to hijack you Jay…

Offer a Potability test on the Water. If the Client waives testing, …

You can only report on what you can see and/or observe at time of Inspection.

I would then send the water sample out? I have no clue about testing water…is this something you get “certified” :wink: to do or do you farm it out?

Thanks JH…

I contract with a local H2O lab that picks up and/or draws the samples at time of inspection.

Tony, no cert. needed here. i just collect the sample as a third party, drop it of at “Granite State Analytical” and wait for the results. i do need to correct my levels, those i posted were reversed of a radon test the week after. the “safe” level is .010 mg/L, and this house came back at .015 mg/L. 50% over safe.

p.s. i think i just hijacked it back\:D/

I was wrong about the water according to this website…no arsenic…but other garbage…check it out:

I think I should offer a water test don’t you?

i would.

How large of a water sample did you collect.
Regards Bill

How large of a water sample did you collect?
regards Bill

How large of a water sample did you collect?
Regards Bill

If you get set up with your local water lab, they will provide you the sample kits and generally a discounted rate due to your potential volume. I get a standard kit and save nearly 50% because of volume. Follow the instructions for testing noting the differences for first draw lead testing (larger container needed) and lead source testing. Various loans require different testing for lead… but the best thing you can do is talk to a local lab about the tests, the fees and their turn around times… and drop off times or overnight mailing depending on hours… I can mail mine before 5 PM and it will get there by 8 am the next morning…


I would run another test. Just to be sure the first testing was accurate. Confirm the results.

My wife wants to know if I’m even supposed to test water?

Good Question!

I told her no…and I also told her I felt an obligation to let the client know everything I knew…she said “that’s the realtors job isn’t it?”

Another good question…

So I said…but I bet the realtor won’t…

She said…“not your problem, mind your own business and stop pissing people off…”



Tony I would not hesitate to mention the arsenic and nitrate concerns. You could always state that you “heard” there were high levels and that he may wish to have his own test conducted.

Just the way I would do things. Just as I ask purchasers if they have had water test, flow test and septic pumped or whether they have been provided info. I don’t think you can be faulted for being helpful.

Tony offer the water test.

Then follow your wife’s advice and stop pissing people off.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


My realtor buds all say “nonya” (none of ya business)
My HI buds all say “disclose”


Thats bull**** and likely the realtor doesn’t want to know otherwise they would have to disclose.

Good realtors do not operate in such a manner, believe me. I know I sleep well at night, I am not sure about certain realtors.