Article: Don't Inspect Another Deck Until You Read This!

For anyone involved in the inspection, design, construction, remodeling or repair of decks, a comprehensive study relating to the occurrence and reporting of deck collapses from January 2000 to December 2006 has been released by DeckLok Bracket Systems, LLC. Some noteworthy examples from the report include:
The percentage of reported collapses that occur during “collapse season”.
The percentage of people who are on a deck when it collapses that are injured or killed.
How many deaths since 2000 as a direct result to a deck collapse.

Don’t inspect another deck until you read this!

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You can read it here…
Deck-Collapse-Report.pdf (141 KB)

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The guys who pioneered the study were from Virgina Tech, professor Joe Loferski and biological systems engineering professor emeritus Frank Woeste.

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