As predicted, the one part of the Bill that would tax the super rich fairly is taken out

I keep explaining, they aren’t going after billionaires. If they were, they would close the carried interest loophole where hedge fund managers and private equity execs get to call their income, capital gains instead of what it is… income. They are getting paid for a service (to manage someone’s money) just like home inspectors get paid for a service (inspecting homes). But they don’t have to declare that money as income. We inspectors, do.

The part of the Bill that closed this loophole mysteriously disappeared.

Again, they aren’t going after the rich with this Bill.


They bought her off.


Because the politicians and lawmakers are part of the 1%! They dont want to tax themselves


From AP News:

”Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, the Arizona Democrat who single-handedly thwarted her party’s longtime goal of raising taxes on wealthy investors, received nearly $1 million over the past year from private equity professionals, hedge fund managers and venture capitalists whose taxes would have increased under the plan.”

I would love to see the Convention of States add to their agenda abolishing the 17th Amendment that would essentially prevent Senators from accepting bribes for their campaigns.


And stop all the lobbying that makes these senators wealthy. It becomes a policy of voting for whoever can pay the most, rather than voting for the constituents that elected you


Wow. Shameful.


I’ve had a simple solution for campaign contributions for 25 years.

Only constituents should be allowed to contribute to a candidate or ballot measure.

Constituents are defined as someone who is eligible to vote for the candidate or ballot measure.

That means you have to be registered to vote in the country, state, district, county, city, precinct that the candidate is running in or the ballot measure applies to contribute to a campaign.

Corporations, PACs, non-profits, unions, political parties, trade organizations and social clubs…cannot register to vote and therefore cannot contribute to a candidate. No Apple, GM, NRA, Greenpeace, Boeing, Save the _____, Walmart, AFL-CIO, United Way, InterNACHI, Elks Club nor the RNC/DNC.

So, if you’re contributing to Sinema you better be a registered voter in the State of Arizona. If you’re contributing to a reproductive rights ballot measure in South Dakota, you better be a registered voter in the State of South Dakota. If you’re contributing to a presidential campaign, you better be a registered voter in one of the 50 States.

And everyone’s campaign finance records must be open and immediately available.

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”


She’s only a Democrat in disguise. She chose what ever party would get her elected so she could make more money.

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For those of you were distracted by conservative media reports that Bernie Sanders is a socialist who wanted to make us a communist country, closing this loophole and taxing stock transactions was his idea. We’re halfway there baby. :fist:


Only a Communist or a socialist would find joy in over taxing it’s people for the greater cause.

Conversely, a true Conservative finds joy in reducing the tax burden and decreasing the size of government.



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The “Swap” is a hot tub for and their friends / donors. We the American people have let our elected representatives (our employees) to write laws, spend money and mostly protect themselves.
How can a person that makes ~150-175K a year end up a millionaire in a few years. Join Congress, and make new friends with deep pockets that new our tax dollars to make their companies profitable, dam free enterprise. “Pay for Play”. Money is the root of all evil.
People keep voting back in their representatives. They justify there vote by say that Congress is corrupt, however not their Congressman or Senator.
We need to clean house nationwide. Find and support true Americans that love this country and not trying to profit from the office. Remove all the incentives from public office. Why do you get a retirement for merrily getting elected. Why are they protected from all there votes and decisions?
Never held accountable…
Keep the Faith.

Scott, that’s a good idea.

Please do not call me a Democrat! Please do not call me a Republican! I’m an American for sure, but I really think “Animal Farm” by George Orwell should be required reading for anyone who wants to explain how the American System of government works today. When I first read it in 7th Grade Civics class, it was to explain Communism as a whole, but on today’s market, I really believe it has a lot to say about the way that the people who make the rules for a society act.
I still believe America is a land where hard work and preserverance

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I still believe America is a land where hard work and perseverance pays off, but there sure are a lot of hands in the cookie jar and I know of Very Few places where govt involvement improves things.

Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one. Thomas Paine.


I agree about reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm. It’s almost like we are living it today: Biden Establishes a Ministry of Truth - WSJ

Something we can agree on.

Everything our elected officials are doing is widening the wealth gap between the rich and poor.

I proposed this exact thing at at a Utah Republican State Convention several years ago. (Those in power do not like this at all because they feel they should be free to Whore themselves out to donors) Along with one other addition Make the limit the contribution to something reasonable…Something the Average American Wage Earner would be able to contribute Say $100. or even $1,000. This would all be in the Spirit of One Man- One Vote.

I would also put all Committee chair/ Member assignments in congress chosen by lottery (changed every year)…As it is now Voters in State or District is district are disenfranchised if they vote out an old Criminal and send a new Face to congress.

I would maybe make an exception for a company/corporation or local Avon lady’s (business) to be able to also contribute at the same rate as Voter/Constituent if that Entity has a physical presence in that state/district/country.

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This is sad