As summer ends and people leave their vacation homes, offer them this inspection service


Nick, I didn’t see anywhere on how much to charge for this service, only a place to insert the fee.
What would you recommend charging?

  • Michael

I don’t know. I would think it is more if they want you to enter the house and check on everything, maybe switching different lights on with each visit and checking for water leaks.


Home monitoring is a great idea for those of us that live in a resort community. Is it possible you can ask to have this document added to the inspection agreement templates? Some of my clients live out of state and it’s impossible to get a physical signed agreement. Thanks!

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I have been doing this for a few years. Here in NE Ohio I call it “Snow Bird Inspections”. An inspection before my clients leave for Florida etc before the winter. I also have a few that want me to monitor their home every few weeks or right after a storm etc.
I use Nick’s agreement that I modified. I estimate the charge based on my hourly rate ($150.00) plus travel.
It’s a lucrative service to offer.