asbestos in masonite

i dont know if this would be the right place to ask this but would masonite siding or the type used for old furniture backing or desk tops ever contain asbestos , was asbestos ever used mixed with wood particles at all i cant see how mixing wood with asbestos would accomplish much but have been trying to find some credible info on this and really cant .

Answers here

thanks for the link top my question but i m refering to the stuff used in furniture also in this question does the same answer apply , and is there a problem with me asking the same question more than once ???

Only when you have the answers elsewhere.:wink:

Try to Google “Masonite Mixtures”. I just did it and there is a lot of info there.
From what I’d seen no asbestos in any of the mixtures they were showing from the quick scanning I did through the pages.
Hope that helps a bit.