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As a computer geek, do you recommend crunchy Cheetos or the puffy ones? :mrgreen:

More Bytes in the crunchy ones…

Definitely the cruncy ones. No doubt about it.

Robert, very funny :smiley:

Yeah you can just RAM them down.

I just got done using my first external hard drive
A MAXTOR save your life 160 GB for $54 .95 at Staples.
Looks like all my docs , pictures and programs are safe for now.
Even has a reboot for your PC in case it gets wiped.

Any one here ever use the 4 1/2 inch screen Sony minicomputer.?
Damn thing has a 1024 x 700 screen and windows.

Are you talking the VAIO Micro PC ? It is terrible. We got it sent to us accidently from a reseller instead of the Samsung Q1UMPC when we first started looking at the technology over a year ago. Because the font is so small on the screen it makes the menus and everything along with the toothpick stylus nearly impossible to use. I would not recommend it to any inspector for data collection.

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Jeff, he’s talking about .

It got very good reviews on CNET:

Did you try switching it from it’s max resoution down to 800x480 ?? I know that several of the guys like Mike Larson have done that with the Q1, changed to the lower resoultion to make things larger. I’d rather have the 7 inch screen on the Q1 rather than the 4.5 on the VAIO, but compared to a 2.5 inch PDA it should still be much larger. I wish a place near me had one so I could actually check it out.


Can a MacBook Air really be thrown as far as they say it can??

HAHAHA. I don’t know, how far do they say it can be thrown? This guys looks like he got about 30 feet out of it:
Jump to the last 20 seconds :smiley:


I hadn’t seen that video!!:smiley:

It’s painful to watch someone destroy $2500!

Wow has this thread deteriorated in a hurry! :stuck_out_tongue: </IMG>

…about computers, software, SEO.

All valid computer related questions (the cheetos might have been a stretch).

It’s painful to watch someone destroy $2500!

Kinda like letting the wife go out shopping!

Not yet…

Reminds me of a bad thread about a year ago started by Wendy :shock:

Now it has !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

O.K. here’s a legit one…

Is there any web design software that is comparable to Dreamweaver but not as expensive? I’m trying to set up a website, not necessarily Home Inspection. Yet. isn’t too bad. I used it a few times though usually I just use notepad.

Easy, inexpensive and has most all the bells and whistles.

Thanks, Dom & Stephen!

I’ll look at them more thoroughly in a little bit!