Association of Real Estate License Law Officials Certified InterNACHI's Online Course

ARELLO, the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, has certified InterNACHI’s free online “Home Energy Efficiency for Real Estate Professionals” course.

Licensed real estate professionals (agents, associates, and brokers) in the United States and Canada can attain free Continuing Education credits by taking InterNACHI’s free online courses.

As a new marketing strategy for inspectors, InterNACHI provides free marketing cards that inspectors hand out to real estate agents. The cards direct agents to the free online CE courses for real estate agents.

Visit for details on how real estate agents can attain free CE credits by contacting their local InterNACHI member.

ARELLO approval? Does it ever end?

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

Ben, I know you mean well, but training REA’s to do home inspections or energy tips is not a good idea. These things should be left up to professionals. Problem here in KC are that many REA’s here are doing free home checks for home buyers and their fellow office agents anyway. Former electricians, plumbers, repair persons, who are now REA’s help other REA’s by offering their “services” for free. Roofers, foundation estimators, termite exterminators, and many others, offer free home checks.

We are up against a lot here in KC.

Over 1,800 homes get sold in our area every month. Me, Dan, and Buck are the only CMI’s working KC and should be rocking with business. Last week, I had 3, Buck had 1, and Dan had 5 I believe.

Don’t worry, agents don’t want to do inspections. They want to get their required continuing education for free and online at home so they can renew their real estate licenses. InterNACHI is making that possible for them… oh, and while they are all on InterNACHI websites… :wink:

This also paves the way for us to get a .edu domain extension.