Attention Montana Inspectors

I just received this email that may be of interest to Montana Home Inspectors.



Moving to Montana soon. Gonna be a dental floss tycoon. Yes I is…

Leave Joe’s Garage??? Suzy Creamcheese says no way. :o

We both have Joe’s Garage…

It’s where we watch The Slime.

It’s where we use the Camirillo Brillo.

It’s where we see The Muffin Man.

If we’re deviant, it’s where we keep our Penguin in Bondage.

I could have swore her hair was made of rayon.
She wore a Milton Bradley Crayon.
Now darling stomp all over me.
Carolina Hardcore Ecstacy.

I wont even go there with Illinois…
“Let the Bandit be…”

Is this a “Joe” thing? You guys gonna let the rest of us in on this code?

Zappa crappa

Appears that Joe & I might have gone to different schools together… I majored in Zappa at Marijuana War Memorial High School, class of '72.

Hmmm, dynamo hum dynamo hum I bet a 40 dollar bill…
Hey fauna, ya wanna?

Hey Dora, want some mora?

Don’t go where the huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow!

He took a dog-doo snowcone and stuffed it in my right eye. He took a dog-doo snowcone and stuffed it in my other eye. Now the puppy wee-wee, I mean the doggie wee-wee has blinded me, and I cant see… temporarily.

Big Joe… Frank used to come to NY (Madison Square Garden) every Halloween and put on a show. Bizarre, theatrical, crazy, and fun. So, it’s appropriate, I think, for us to be quoting his rather unique lyrics on this particular evening.

Another bit of Frank trivia is the fact that he was one of the most awesome guitarists out there. I mean, his riffs were smokin’!

On Zappa Beefheart Live Bongo Fury, his guitar work in Muffin MAn and Carolina Hardcore are brilliant and blindingly fast. Many do not know this about Mr. Zappa. While many credit Steve Vai for his own guitar brilliance and flash, many of his fans dont know that he played for Frank, and that Frank taught him mucho.

So, here’s to Frank Zappa, and his song “Moving to Montana”, which started this fun.

"With a pair of heavy duty zircon-encrusted tweezers in my hand,
Every other wrangler would say I was mighty grand.

By myself, I wouldn’t have no boss.
'Cause I’d be raising my lonely dental floss.

And then I’d get a cup of coffee, and give my foot a push.
Just me and my pygmie pony over by the dental floss bush.

And then I just might get right back on.
And ride like a cowboy, into the dawn of Montana…"

I am gross and perverted
I’m obsessed ‘n deranged
I have existed for years
But very little had changed
I am the tool of the Government
And industry too
For I am destined to rule
And regulate you
I may be vile and pernicious
But you can’t look away
I make you think I’m delicious
With the stuff that I say
I am the best you can get
Have you guessed me yet?
I am the slime oozin’ out
From your TV set
You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don’t need you
Don’t got for help…no one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold
That’s right, folks…
Don’t touch that dial

I may be totally wrong, but Im a Dancin fool


Sleep Posting. :wink: Wow. That’s a first. :smiley:

Gotta a big dilemma bout my big leg Emma uh huh.

How bout you farmer, wanta:lol:
Gota love frank Z.

Wanna see something cool? Go to

Dweezil and Co have picked up the ball, and are touring, playing Franks songs. Thet even gor Napoleon Murphy Brock and Terry Bozio to tour with them. There is a solo from Steve Vai that’s astonishing.

Check it out.