Attic fan cover

Hi, I have a roof fan just like this picture shown on your website, but the cover is in tatters. I just need the round cover, I dont need to replace the whole unit. How can I buy this identical cover?

do your home work you might be better to not have an attic fan .
Try goggle .

To the OP, you probably will have to go to the manufacturer to get a replacement housing. Good luck with that.

Interesting article Roy - thanks for posting it.

The anti-attic exhaust fan argument seems to be predicated on the notion that the attic does not have enough inlet capacity to prevent air from being pulled through light fixtures and other openings. In my home, the floor of the attic is foamed, and I have beau-coups of gable and soffit vent capacity. On the other hand, the attic insulation is R-38, so I suppose the forced air ventilation might be superfluous and not worth the electricity it takes to run it. I can say that my attic temperature never rises above 108 degrees, even when it 104 outside.

I have a whole-house fan as well, and have fashioned an insulated box with a self-opening lid. I don’t use it unless the outside air is fairly dry (and cool, of course). On the other hand, it’s a great thing to have for those occasional cooking disasters, and I just like the fresh air.

Buy you a cheap plastic garbage can cover and riveted in

Aw, c’mon. Can’t have the neighbors thinking he’s a hillbilly. Better to go with a nice, shiny galvanized lid!