Attic Insulation

I’ve been reading about the advantages of insulating both the unfinished attic floor and rafters in areas of hot sunny weather. Not that Chicago compares to Fresno but I have never once seen insulation between rafters. Is it trapped humid air between the insulation and sheathing that makes it a bad idea for the midwest?


I’ve seen it in Waukegan before where they’ve converted an attic space into a living area. There should still be an air gap between the sheathing and the insulation, I believe 1" is recommended. If there are soffit vents as well as ridge vents, you should be good to go.
Reflective Insulation


They are actually changing the way it is installed and it is the air gap that creates the problems. If a insulation is installed where the material can not reach the dew point the chance for condensation is zero.

Yeah, at least 100 degrees here is bearable! :smiley: (It’s a dry heat)

I’ve never seen insulation in both places yet.

I’ve seen one new construction home that was spray foamed.

I see 80% of the homes I inspect, improperly insulated. I simply give them a link to my website…