Attic moisture

During a recent inspection of a small ranch style home I initially did not find any way to view the attic. I double checked the closets and found a small flush mount access cover that blended right into the ceiling. The cover was screwed in place and was a pain to remove. The photos show what I found. It is not often I find no way into the attic and always double check to make sure. At this home I am glad I did.


Inspection perseverance at its finest. I’m sure your clients are glad you’re not an “inaccessible inspector”.

Good Job Mark :slight_smile:

Good for you Mark, how did you report it if you don’t mind my asking?

Hi Marcel, Here is what I reported.
“Visible suspect mold indicating insufficient ventilation was evident; I recommend further evaluation by a qualified mold mitigation contractor. A comprehensive review of the attic ventilation system should be performed to ensure that adequate ventilation is provided to prevent a re-occurrence of any trapped moisture after mitigation is performed. In my opinion the installed soffit vents are not adequate and are partially blocked with insulation. No ridge vent is installed.”