Attic Steps

Builder in the area is notorious for his steps to be like this. City officials let it go everytime.



Hi. Ben;

Are you referring to the fact that there is no railings on the left side as you go up and no mid-support of the stringers for this type of run of the stair?

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i’d guess mid supports. but if the builder istalls one of those fridges in every unit, that ot’ to hold 'er.

Can you guys please cite the code that says when mid-supports are needed? I need the reference for future use. Have done a word search for “stairway” on the IRC and don’t see anything.

Sorry, the only thing I can share is Common Sense and Standard of Practice for this Trade.

Typically, if the stringer length is 16 feet or longer a mid-support will be added to eliminate the bounce in the stairs. Stairs wider than four feet will usually have four stringers.
Stringers cut out of a two x twelve member should have a minimum of 3&1/2 inches left below the notch.

Code also states that the maximum riser be no more than 7&3/4" and a minimum of 10".

I would recommend anytime to have a riser 7" or less and no less that an 11" tread. Very comfortable.

Typical standard house would have an eight foot foundation - 4" for the slab and framed with 2"x10" joist for a total height of 8’ 7 7/8" for 15 risers at 6 15/16" or 14 risers for 7 7/16" and a run of 12’ 6" or 10’ 10". No mid support of the stringers would be required.

The string length at the maximum would be only 12’ and 3/16".

As an HI. I would note what is there and note if it does not meet the IRC in relation to riser and tread. That’s it.

Hope this helps.

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