Just wondering what others will do. If you go up the attic hatch and the area is filled up with big rubber maid containers and just packed up with store-away items. Will you attempt to move items to get up there and look around? will you move a few items and use your flash light to look and not enter all the way? and while up in a normal attic under normal conditions do you crawl the whole length of the attic?

No access do to many storage containers .
Take some pictures and move on

F-no. No walk way no f-ing way. Right in my contract.

NOT SAFE observed from hatch.

when I can I may move a box or so if easy enough and client is not a prick to photograph roof to wall connections. If they are a jerk I tell them to move stuff or obstructed view.

I have no hard and fast rules, most times you can shuffle one or two items and go around the obstruction. Use your common sense and work within your comfort zone.

There are too many potential problems lurking in the attic to just write it off. Snap a photo of what’s blocked, and do what you feel is best on a case by case basis. Almost every time I think about not crawling a difficult attic, I end up finding something significant at the other end.

As far as walkways go, I almost never see one, but still manage to traverse the attic and do it safely.


What he said!

Glad you all do cause I ain’t :slight_smile:

It ought to be a good selling point for ya.

Not quite sure how you can crawl 50 some foot of low sloop hip roof safely in 200 degrees and actually see anything though. Let the liars come on out and tell me how they crawl them all :slight_smile:

A great many houses I encounter have less than a 1 1/2" between the trusses any how and folks that crawl them all or at least say they do are lying or just plain stupid to risk their a s s e s for such a small pittance.

Let alone the dangerous heat conditions is a situation like that in Florida but to each his own.

Not for me :slight_smile:

Me neither :smiley:

Here is where my honesty makes me STAND out from the rest.

What Mike just said. Report and disclaim.

Do not try to be a superhero unless you are one.

Not going the whole length of the attic is gonna get you burned. Had one Monday where that little devil on my shoulder was saying, let’s go, there’s nothing up here, you’re sweating through your shorts. Last 2 foot span of sheathing between the truss and the end gable, roof leak. When that little devil starts talking to you, just tell yourself that if it was your house you were buying, you’d expect the person to do the same. It’s Florida after all, the end of summer’s what, only 2 months away :roll:

That’s a big ditto!:mrgreen:

You guys can have it and I would advise how you go above and beyond, literately :slight_smile:

It is in my contract and I do not do it.

I’ll move small items, sometimes. As far as getting all through an attic…rarely. There isn’t enough room in most hip attics with vaulted ceilings, and I’m not inclined to want to step through the ceiling, much less fall through…:wink: