Attract Clients Like a 10-Ton Magnet

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Troy’s competition is wondering why the phone is not ringing.

Here’s how -

Everybody is hurting for sales; Ben, too.

Not everybody is hurting. Those who do 1/10th of the following are busy beyond belief.

Ben, I know you are trying to be positive, but try to keep it real. I have done thousands of inspections for several years, and I have not seen it this bad here in KC. I have distributed your books with every inspection, and have thrown them everywhere into beauty parlors to bank waiting areas. Since December 26th, I have had only 8 inspections. Dan Bowers, who has been in this business for over 30 years, is clawing for business; only just a handfull so far this year for him. It is bad out here. NACHI needs to help us with some advertising, marketing, and media notices. That could help us all. Books do not get inspections. The ones who are getting business are at $99.

I do far more than 1/10 of what is shown on the Nachi success page and business still sucks! Yes, I give out books, direct mail, Move In Certified, Inspection Articles. Business still sucks!

I am still trying though!

I’ve stayed busy because I diversified.

General contractor, 25 years
State of NH approved weatherization contractor
Licensed home inspector
Energy auditor
Thermal Imaging
Certified commercial property inspector

I am busy almost every day becuase I offer so many services. I don’t advertise to real estate agents or brokers. My business strictly comes from my website. I also network with some top notch professionals in my area who refer me out all the time. The mold remediation company that uses me as a consultant keeps me busy almost all year round. I also offer package pricing for inspection services which people seem to love. I alwas get calls with people who have actually read my website and know what prices should be and know what they want. The just call up and say they want to book a Bronze Package inspection and ask when I can do it.

Sewer line inspections keep me busy when times are really slow too. I did more in those this week than I did in home inspections. I also have an IAQ investigation on a commercial building this week courtesy of the mold remediation company that refers me out.

DIVERSITY is the key to staying afloat in a slow economy. Networking is the key to getting somewhere.

Hey Ben, I too give out the books, and…I am one of Troys competitors, phone rings just fine.

I believe the more you LEARN - the more you EARN. InterNACHI has a ton of free education - very good courses.

But do NOT take any courses without having the goal of improving your business practices, your service or your marketing.

Education is my passion. But don’t take courses just for head knowledge - turn your education into money.

How do you do that?

Hit the nail on the head!! Can’t stress this enough. I’m here in Vegas at the ASHI Conference and this years keynote speakers were representatives from DOE. There are some exiting things coming in the near future.

If you are relying on real estate transactions to keep your business a float, your missing the boat.


I agree, once this Home Star program starts up I doubt I will do many home inspections. I know one thing, my price will definitely go up!!

Hey Kevin, on a side note. I bought that video you referred to Linus. I think its a good training video for my weatherization guys. I haven’t watched it yet but will soon.
Plus you get 1.5 CEUs just for watching it.

Thanks for the link.


**"Inspector Success Tip #2. ** Perform inspections that have nothing to do with a real estate transaction. "

That quote comes from the video First aired May 18th, 2009.

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**Vital Role
**Certified home inspectors play a vital role in a homeowner’s regular home maintenance plan by performing routine home maintenance inspections.

There is NO WAY I’m going to embed a video on my site that sends the viewer to

I can edit the video. I’ll take out the “To find an inspector…” part. I’ll then provide two versions. Might take me a few days. is sending clients to your site - whether you like InspectorSeek or not. :slight_smile:

I have yet to see one inspection from Over 80% of my inspections come from referrals. You name the advertising source, I have tried it. I even have yet to get one inspection off of my radio show that I have been on for over a year. You cannot beat referrals; IMO.

Ben, are you still doing inspections, if not, why not?

Ben, don’t get me wrong. I have had traffic from Inspectorseek. I think it is a great benefit from Nachi. The problem is, when the client is on my site watching a video telling them to find a qualified inspector on Inspectorseek, is a little counter productive. I hope you see my point. With that gone, I am all over the video.:cool: