Auction: Win the Ultimate InterNACHI® Inspector Apparel Package

Up for auction is the ultimate InterNACHI® apparel package! The approximate value is $195.
Information about the apparel items is on Inspector Outlet:

Please post your pledge on this thread. The highest bidder wins. Auction ends Thursday, June 4th at 4:00 PM EST.

All proceeds go to Cozy Coats for Kids!

Cool beans! What a great idea and benefit! :grin:

I’ll start it at $50.00

Good cause, I will go $100

I’m in at $105

I need triple extra large so it will shrink to fit
What size are the shirts

@wkading The t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, and jacket are available in sizes M - 3-XL!

What is the highest bid so far?

@wkading The highest bid right now is $105.

I’ll bid $115.

Cozy Coats $125

Auction ends today at 4:00 PM EST! :smile:

Highest bidder is @khoaglund1 right now.

I bid $130.00

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Auction is over! Thank you all who participated.

@jdepiero wins! I’ll email you about claiming the prize.

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