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Good back to what you were doing.
Signing off.

You are asking the wrong question.

Please resign from NACHI and never come back.

I’m sure the NACHI staff are tired of your spineless antics.

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Unread 10/24/17, 5:05 AM
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Default Re: Reported Post by ryoung7
Originally Posted by ryoung7 View Post
Gentlemen, I am all in.
Warming up my dialing finger.
Mr. All in is toast.

I encourage everyone to call him and chew his backside. This loon must be expunged from NACHI.

Call him. (514) 489-1887 or (514) 441-3732

I hope the proper authorities are watching this.

Anyone call yet Mr. All in?

You must be stopped.


You know this kind of thing never ends well for you. Please let it go. Take a break.

Chuck, it never ends well for the members when you are intimidated by a morally unethical individual.

I am seeing what I can do.
Best regards.

This really needs to stop…
It is getting childish…Yep!

YOU can’t do anything. Your whining and incoherent posts have made anyone and everyone tired of your posts and activities. You have no standing in the organization, and your attempts to contaminate the reputation of others is not only inappropriate but it has bordered on the insane.

You are a loony bird. The last loony bird was sent packing. The organization would be better off without you and your ilk that do nothing but spew poisonous posts. Wand is gone for good reason. Wood is gone for good reason. You have given the Association good reason to oust you as well. Let the threads die. Don’t post anymore threads. Before you post again, have a disinterested party proof read your posts so you don’t look more like an idiot than a member trying to help.

Good riddance.

Out with W.A.F.I.2 :roll:

Is this real? I hope someone’s joking.

No joke Frank. This idiot needs to be gone!

Don’t you have facilities for the mentally ill in Canada?

That’s your “concerned” font, right?

A sage post Steve! :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile: So perceptive.

I agree. :roll: