Back in Heaven

The snow is gone and it feel great being back on the roofs. I watched Ben’s roof inspection the other evening he just inspects those sissy roofs. :p;-)

Hey Charlie, no need to be scared of a little snow. Just another day :smiley:

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Hi Pete not scared of any thing I would take on a buzz saw and give it a 5 round head start. I just don’t like snow the cold or any combination of either;-)

I know, just thought I’d get a rise out of ya :wink:

I did not see any foot prints in your snow were ya a little scared also:p

From my experience you guys who think like that are the first to catch the bullet.

I have no fear but I do have a lot of respect for roofs and electrical panels.

I said this once before but I will repeat it just for you Roy

I do fear bring a knife to a gun fight
I do fear jumping out of perfectly good airplanes
I do fear swimming with sharks:shock:

Ohh! Honcho Macho man! May I kiss your ring worshipful master ?
You’re blowing smoke.
Its the guy who doesn’t admit as to what he has done thats the one I respect.

“The people that have it don’t show it.
The people that don’t show it usually don’t have it.”
You must have been the youngest of a bunch of sisters…:stuck_out_tongue:

Just snachin’ your chain Macho Man.

You’re next!

Nope, not scared, just careful. Like you!

Hope they shovel the porch roof soon Peter. :wink:

Looks like a Maple Syrup camp up in the woods. :slight_smile:

Nope grew up in a family of 12 kids 3 older brothers and 3 younger brothers had to fight for every scrap of food. I once stuck a fork in my older brothers hand because he was trying to take my hamburger patty. I learned to fight or starve and I am still here.:shock:

BTW Roy am so Sorry your mother made you wear a dress as you were growing up when did you get promoted to pants or did you???