Bad luck

I’m starting to get scared to test the furnace lately. I tested one a few months back that wouldn’t start after inspecting it. Turns out the door switch went bad…not my fault, found defect and owner paid for repairs.

Today I inspected a unit and it ran fine. Put it all back and powered it up and it would not function. I triple checked everything. Tried to contact agent but no answer. House was vacant and freezing temps outside. Had HVAC guy come out and it was a defective control board. The listing agent called me back and her first words was “who was paying for it”. No… “thanks for taking care of it at 4:30 when all service techs days are ending and the outside temps at 17 degrees”. I asked the HVAC tech if it could possibly be anything I did…he said no. He indicated he had several control boards fail after a recent wind storm that caused multiple power surges. He said basically it was turning the control on and off. If it was my fault I will gladly pay but if not its identifying a defect. We will see what happens. Just thought I would share.

no good deed goes unpunished…

The 'ol you touched it last syndrome.

It’s happened to me a few times. I have a script.

Call your HVAC guy and have him take a look at it. If he determines it was something I did, I’ll cut him check. If not, we just have to agree this was a coincidence.

I’ve never gotten a call back after that.

Yes I agree. So far I have not heard anything.