Basement main beam support at foundation wall

What is the proper way of supporting beam at foundation wall?

That’s not it.

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I usually see them setting in a pocket in the foundation.

Good article on lally columns.

You should recommend a masonry pier to provide end support.

I would not recommend material (or method) for additon of a support. I would expect the GC to make that determination based on his review of the structure.

You are right. I wouldn’t say specifically in my report how it should be done.

Thanks for the help.

Next question, how shoud these beams be supported? Lateral bracing?

IMHO this looks like someone tried to fix a problem :frowning:

Makes me wonder if those steel supports posts sit on proper footings.

None of which were attached

How would you report? My brain is fried from this one.

Recommend a qualified contractor repair as needed.

Someone needs to review the original plans if possible and see if it was built per spec.

And…inquire as to the reason for their placement.

I agree it looks like a modification.

What was above this area? I’ve seen support “attempts” under kitchen remods (due to additional weight from granite countertops and industrial appliances).

Keep it simple: modified repair, investigate with specialist. Sure looks suspect?

Was there an original main girder anywhere? If not, what was the width of the room and what size are the floor joists?

Stay away from recommending a specific type of repair or defect. Simple is best… Support posts appear modified and improperly supported. Recommend have evaluated by Licensed General Contractor prior to close for cost and repair estimate… Something to that line… It may turn out to just need support (not there, can not see) but it could be more extensive… Just be careful giving recommended repairs!!

That section looks like a temporary fix to a weight problem.
What’s above that section of sub floor as the beam location is unusual ?