Bathroom ceiling paint defect....pic included

The ceiling paint looks rusty ? Anybody seen this on bathroom ceiling?
I need help…

It looks like moisture/sweating stains and recently painted walls.

Is there an attic above this ceiling or a living area? It appears to be nicotine to me.

Nicotine…see it a lot. People smoke when there is high humidity in the room, such as right after a shower, the nicotine / smoke co-mingles with the droplets of moisture on the walls, ceilings and fixtures. Once the moisture evaporates…viola…nasty nicotine left behind. Now, just imagine what the evaporator coil and ductwork looks and smells like. I bet it would gag a maggot.

They used the wrong type of paint for a wet/damp environment.

My first thought was Smokin in the Boys Room, too. Why none on the walls?

Because smoke rises.

Look at THIS bathroom ceiling.

Really! Thanks for the heads up!

C’mon David…

Point is , there was none - absolute zero staining on the walls.

As a former smoker, I can tell you that when I would smoke in the house (ages ago) the smoke did not bypass the walls on its way up to the celing. Nicotine stains were everywhere - although more on the ceiling, you could see staining on the walls also.

What is the moisture readings?

So your saying that cigarette smoke will stick to the walls just as much as it would to ceilings. Your wrong.

As a former smoker myself, I’m willing to bet that that stain is from smoking in the bathroom.

Never said it wasn’t.

I was commenting that it was odd that there is no staining whatsoever on the walls.

I never said that it will stick to the walls just like the ceilings.

If you contend that no smoke will ever stick to walls, you sir, are the one who is wrong. :wink:


It must really be a slow day. I think Larry Kage got it right. The walls appear to be recently painted but the not the ceiling. I will say this. EVERY time I have seen this, it was nicotine residue left behind after the moisture dried.

You come here asking a question and then argue the point.

You sir… are an @$$. Grow up.

Little touchy today?

You misread my post, tell me I’m wrong and when I point that out, I’M the @$$? :roll:


Yes, it probably is smoke stains.

The answer to why none on the walls is probably they just painted the walls, and not the ceiling. Why not the ceiling too, is the million dollar question.

(Unless, of course, they have that magic smoke that only adheres to ceilings. :p)

Now THAT was being an @$$. :wink:

Lighten up.

Don’t you have inspections to do? Oh…wait I forgot. With an attitude like that, no one wants to hire you. Right?

You need to take your meds and chill out dude. Consider yourself lucky that you’re not in my area.

I happen to be on a mini-vacation, so don’t even ask.

I think someone needs to smoke a peace pipe.:slight_smile:

David’s like that…anytime someone questions his answers he starts calling people names…I think he has an inferiority complex and is trying to hide it…or he is simply prideful (bible talks about that too).

Anyway, Rick…I don’t necessarily buy the smoking answer either…my father smoked for years…and it stained the walls, curtains, ceiling…everything.

I think its something it an ingredient in the paint.



PS. No need to respond David…I am talking to Rick.

It’s from smoking. I’ve seen it hundreds of times, and bought houses with the same look. The textured ceilings hold it the worst, and you’ll also see it around bathroom lights, especially the big exposed bulbs.

Oh, and Dave has seemed to be a bit touchy lately. Give him a break, he’s probably overworked.:cool:

Yes, but at least he is on a…

Maybe that will help…:cool::wink: