bathroom fan trips GFCI

In my newly finished basement I have the a dedicated circuit running to the bathroom 15 amp GFCI. From the load of the GFCI I have five light fixtures (one over the shower) and an exhaust fan. Three light switches control all of the previously mentioned lights.

When the fan is running, when turned off it will occasionally trip the GFCI. It happens once every ten times or so. It only happens when the fan is turned off. It doesn’t matter if the lights are on or off, it still happens.

I tried swapping the GFCI with a different 15 amp GFI, I tried swapping the light switch that controls the fan (the fan is on it’s own light switch). I even tried swapping the fan with a different model fan that uses less amps (.9) and it still happens randomly.

Is there anyway to stop the tripping other than tearing my wall apart to run a line to the fan light switch?

Hi Sal,

GFCIs trip for a reason. It is hard to tell from here what that reason is.

I recommend a qualified professional electrician to help you.

The best to you,

This is the best advice you can get! It’s probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but it’s a sound one.

The GFCI trips, you replace the GFCI, it still trips…

Yep! Sounds like the GFCI did its job. Your next step is to pick up The Yellow Pages.