Bathroom vent--Lack of

Inspected a 18 mo house today. Both full bathrooms upstairs are missing venting by way of fan. The buyer told me, the agents told her, it is not needed because there is a window:shock:

This is one of those towns where there is not a building inspector.

Now, I am not a code inspector, but as far as I know, isn’t this code.


IRC 303.3 states that the minimum ventilation for the bathroom is to be a window of at least 3 sq. ft. of which 50% is operable, or a mechanical ventilation system of at least 50 cubic feet per minute (cfm) ducted to the outside.

303.3 Bathrooms.
Bathrooms, water closet compartments and other similar rooms shall be provided with aggregate glazing area in windows of not less than 3 square feet (0.279 m2), one-half of which must be openable.
Exception: The glazed areas shall not be required where artificial light and a mechanical ventilation system are provided. The minimum ventilation rates shall be 50 cfm (23.6 L/s) for intermittent ventilation or 20 cfm (9.4 L/s) for continuous ventilation. Ventilation air from the space shall be exhausted directly to the outside.

This is one of those cases where code is contrary to common sense.

During a January blizzard in subzero temperatures, very few folks are taking showers with the bathroom window open. Write it up as a condition conducive to moisture damage. Tell the agent to suck an egg.

Help, ,Water heater under new house installed on ground, we wrote it up, builder says go fly a kite, show me wher it says has to be on pad! can’t find it in code, anybody, Thanks,

2003 IRC M1305.1.4.1 - Ground Clearance.* Appliances supported from the ground shall be level and firmly supported on a concrete slab or other approved material extending above the adjoining ground. Appliances suspended from the floor shall have a clearance of not less than 6" from the ground.*

The 2003 IRC may or may not be applicable in your area, you need to check.

I agree w/ James,

Our clients hire us for our professional opinion as well as our expertise. It doesn’t always matter that code is followed to the letter; code isn’t always common sense. :smiley:


I would check with the manufacturer to see if this is allowed. Manufacturer installation and/or instructions supersedes all codes. We’re talking about the water heater here.

You’ve given your opinion - written your report. Its not up to you to fight their fight, thats up to them. Give them ammo, then move out of the way.