Bathroom vent

How would you describe a bathroom exhaust vent such as this - a passive vent? I’ve never encountered one of these before. The house was built in 1995 so I was surprised not to see a normal mechanical fan. All the bathrooms had one, and also the laundry room, but I couldn’t determine where they were vented to.


Thanks for your help.


Chris, is there an HRV in the house? If so it probably has its own duct and all vents are connected to it. The one on your picture looks like an adjustable vent terminal used with HRV.

That same vent terminal is used on heat recovery ventilators, as well as remote mounted bath fans such as the NuTone ILFK.

Good call Yuri, you’re right. I suspected that these might have a connection to the HRV but I wasn’t sure. Now I am. Thanks


Thanks for your help Mark, there is an HRV.