Bathroom waste into a basement sump.

Hey folks,
Was wondering if I could get some advice on how you all would approach this situation. The basement bathroom waste lines empty into this sump pit, including the toilet. Judging by the housing that appears to be attached to the bottom of the pump, it appears to be a grinder pump. However, what gives me pause is that it takes approximately 5 flushes of the toilet for the water level in the pit to rise enough to engage the pump to discharge into the main drainage system. Is this a generally acceptable practice? It would seem to be a scenario conducive to sewer gas odors. Would sealing the lid be an acceptable solution, or is the configuration wrong to begin with? Thanks guys.

Not approved system.
Needs a proper system installed by a plumber .
Not my job to tell how things should be fixed ( Example cover )

Please go to top see control and install your information Thanks … Roy

Our washer, vanity, toilet and shower are al on one grinder pump. It can take 2-3 loads of wash and 2-3 toilet flushes to make it grind up and out. If what you see and say is correct, I wouldn’t worry about it.

It’s probably a grinder pump, not a sump pump, and if so, lid should be sealed.

It’s an ejector pit.

Looks like the one in my basement.

What’s the problem?

Sewer gas odors? Why? its vented and is a sealed pit.