Bay Vent 800 BO

Anyone familiar with this typw of vent. I did an internet search and did not find any information.

The furnace was an 2004 mid efficiency American Standard. This vent was a double wall b vent and vented thru a masonry chimney.

I was concerned about the opening. I used an ambient C/O tester and had no recordable readings.

The house was 90 years old. I took a picture of the masonry chimney to see if there was a clay liner. I could,nt be sure if there is a liner or not.

The clean out door was held together with a piece of string. There was no exterior cap, the exterior chimney was previously repaired.

I advised to have the flue evaluated for a liner, cap & to fix the broken door.

I am not to sure about the Bay vent 800BO and this is were my question is.

Does anyone know the specs or any information pertaining to this type of vent?

113108 050 (Small).jpg

113108 032 (Small).jpg

113108 036 (Small).jpg

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