Beating an old dog here

New Construction - 2006… Roof decking is 7/16 OSB (Stamp rated at 16/24) Trusses at 24OC, No plywood (H) clips installed. Since its stamped for 24OC, and the trusses are at 24OC would you infer that the lack of H clips is no big deal or within the manufacturers specs?


Because you asked the question I would assume that you would recommend them. So what would keep you from recommending them?

I would.

Nobody’s gonna put them in at this stage of the game but so what?

I guess my point was,… its installed within the material accepted guidelines (i.e. by the APA stamp on the OSB for 16/24OC span.) If I called out a “lack of H clips” would the builder/ contractor make you eat crow by pointing out the very obvious,… i.e. the APA stamp?

The answer lies in table R503.2.1.1 (1) of the 2003 IRC. Looks to me it could go either way. No big deal as you say.

It is recommended for the H clips - but sounds like it’s all done within manufacture specs, as you stated. Not a big deal, it allows for proper edge spacing & should be fine. Your call!