Become a Disaster Housing Inspector and get paid to do FEMA inspections.

I just finished all the paperwork and interview last week with PBR disaster services, we will see.

So when you are called out to an area, they don’t pay for expenses + inspection work?

Whats there fee schedule.

I was told this goes out to bid with the lowest bidder getting the work. That’s how their multi housing inspections work.

I did the certification back in 2005 or 2006 and when we had a major flood in my area guess who got the inspections… Some guy from Texas.

When you sign up you’ll be at the bottom of the list for a long time, I gave up, wasn’t worth it.

What they provided.can you please explain in brief?

Hi Everyone! This is Joy from Vanguard Emergency Management! I would be happy to answer any specific questions you have. If you are interested in learning more about our program you can check us out at

We reimburse for all expenses. The fee structure is based on completed FEMA inspections. All inspectors are independent contractors and work is based on declaration of disaster and award of contract. We are currently deployed in Louisiana due to the recent flooding. We have over 300 inspectors in the field for this deployment.

There is some confusion among the posts regarding our services and reimbursements. Vanguard was not involved with Hurricane Sandy or Katrina disasters. Feel free to reach out to me directly -

Thanks for your input Stephen but to clarify some points:

Inspectors are paid for their completed and compliant inspections. Inspectors are reimbursed for all lodging, rental car, and Per Diem expenses. Upon initial deployment as stated on our website, we suggest inspectors
be able to support themselves for up to three weeks. Expenses incurred are submitted electronically (along with viable receipts) after the second week then can be submitted weekly for the remainder of the deployment.

Deployed inspectors are guaranteed inspections. This opportunity is not for everyone as it may require deployment due to disaster, this is up to each individual and their current circumstances. We do request “availability” status which can be modified at any time. If we are requesting deployment status and it is not a suitable time for the individual then he/she can decline the opportunity.

Every disaster has it’s own set of setbacks - whether it be fire, flooding, earthquake, high winds, or tornadoes…Vanguard EM is here to support the communities reeling from these incidences and provide assistance and support to those in need.