Become a Home Inspector Training at the Florida House of Horrors on April 15-19, 2019

(Moranda Evans) #1

Join us at InterNACHI’s Florida House of Horrors® for Become a Home Inspector Training on April 15-19th, 2019. This 5-day training is for anyone looking to enhance their skills or become a new inspector.

During the training you will learn from Certified Master Inspectors®; discover how to inspect systems and components of a home; find defects at the House of Horrors®; learn how to market your business; network with your fellow inspectors; and practice writing home inspection reports. You’ll also have the get to test-drive home inspection tools!

(Preston L. Halstead, HI549) #2

Are there any full 120hr live trainings?

(Michael J. Meeker, CMI) #3

Not at HOH II at this time. Students get the total 120 hours by taking the 40 hours at HOH II and then the remainder at InterNACHI online.